What are career interviews

career interviews

On the 22nd and 23rd of February several companies will participate in Career Interviews at Ekonomicentrum and Alfa. This is an amazing opportunity to meet our promising companies and create valuable connections!

tips and tricks

Make sure to tailor your cover letter to the company you are applying to – explain why you are interested in the company, and what additional values you can offer! The outcome is up to you, so make sure to come prepared and to leave a good impression. Make sure to carefully read through the tips and things to include in your application.

How do I apply?

The application for participating in Career Interviews opens on the 25th of January! We recommend you to carefully read the description of each company regarding what type of student they are looking for, prior to applying to the interviews. This will be made available closer to the application dates. Depending on the company, you either only upload your CV or also add a Cover Letter. The application period ends on Wednesday, 8th of February at 11.59PM. Afterwards, you will be contacted if you have received an interview. If you have any questions, please contact

Clara at careerinterviews.eee@lundaekonomerna.se