Why you should be exhibiting at eee

" ...The events that we host have been worked out together with hundreds of companies and refined during the last 39 years..."

“As exhibiting companies, you are the core of the eeeDays. It is around you we base this whole project. We strive to continuously innovate and seek new ways of creating connections between you and our students. The events that we host have been worked out together with hundreds of companies and refined during the last 39 years. In this way, we have events that put you in focus.

All this work has amounted to what we call ‘the eeeConcept’, symbolizing a fair far from the ordinary.”

Simon Anderberg & Tim Kämpe
Project Leaders of eee 2023


To bridge the gap between companies and students at LUSEM.


We aim to inspire and encourage students to explore the available career opportunities by allowing them to connect with future employers. 


How the eeeConcept brings you closer to the students of LUSEM

16th of February, 2023
16th of February, 2023


eeeBoosted aims to connect you as a student to the world of startups. This year, eeeBoosted will take the form of a case competition, with the theme being innovation and entrepreneurship. You will be divided into groups of 4-5 students, and each group will get the help of a representative from a start-up company. The group will then be assigned a case that concerns the theme. With help from the company representative, you shall solve the case and prepare a short business plan. That in turn will be presented in front of a jury, who will determine the winning group.
22nd - 23rd of Februrary, 2023
22nd - 23rd of Februrary, 2023

The Fair

With more than 35 years of experience of hosting the eeeDays at Ekonomi Centrum in Lund, the fair now spans over three buildings. Designed to minimize the barriers between companies and students, we facilitate the challenges when interacting with students at the fair whilst giving you the space needed to showcase your company.

22nd of February, 2023
22nd of February, 2023


eeeConnect is a great way of showing your company culture and finding students that match your values. Here we offer a more relaxed environment to meet students with competitions and mingling opportunities.

23rd of February, 2023
23rd of February, 2023


This is the final chance to connect with students in a luxurious and exciting environment. We offer all students and companies the opportunity to continue the eee experience until the morning hours. Dining with engaged students and LundaEkonomer active in other exciting projects provides excellent circumstances to create valuable contacts.

During the eeeDays
During the eeeDays

Career Interviews

Career Interviews make it possible to start the recruitment process during the fair. Everything from the marketing to the application is organized by us, you as the company select the students you would like to meet. Hosting interviews complements the fair experience in a perfect way, which is why we include it for all exhibitors, and it is free of charge!

Ongoing before and during the eeeDays
Ongoing before and during the eeeDays


Two hours, one classroom, and 30 engaged students.

That is what we offer the companies that host a workshop. This is an opportunity to showcase your company and to inspire students.


Preparation is key, not only for you as a company but also for the students. What differentiates us is the amount of effort we put in to help the students prepare. Well prepared students break the barriers for both students and companies, making the fair more rewarding for both parties.

For more information in regard to prices and packaging that suit your company, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Simon Anderberg

Simon Anderberg

Project Leader
Event, Marketing & Communication, Fair,
HR, Speakers

+46 70-820 26 70

Tim Kämpe

Tim Kämpe

Project leader
Company Relations, Finance, Information,
Sponsoring, Special Projects

+46 73-704 60 49