This is where you sign up for the workshops with PWC, Grant Thornton and Deloitte. arranged during eeeWeek. Keep in mind that the companies themselves chooses who is allowed to participate in the workshops.

Signup opens 7/2 and closes 14/2.

Workshop: Business Chemistry with Deloitte – understand, identify and adapt

24/2 – 14.00 – 17.00

Have you ever pondered what makes people click or clash? Why do some groups excel and others fumble? How can leaders make or break team potential? Business Chemistry® can provide the answers. It is an approach to strengthening teams and enhancing business relationships.

The tool identifies four different types, each characterised by a stable pattern of behaviours and preferences in the workplace.

Business Chemistry framework provides a simple yet powerful way to identify meaningful differences between people’s working styles in a business context. It can help you grasp where others are coming from, appreciate the value they bring and determine what they need in order to excel. It is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world to build stronger relationships, increase team performance, and create exceptional organisations.

 Join us during our workshop at eee-dagarna to find out more about Business Chemistry and how you can use it in your future work life. What impact will you make?

Workshop: Sustainability with Grant Thornton

19/2 -10.00-12.00

Do you want to practice your case solving abilities? Would you like to learn more about sustainable businesses and sustainability accounting as well as creating valuable contacts for your future? Then this is the workshop for you! The 19th of February Grant Thornton and LundaEkonomomerna will be hosting a workshop, more specifically case solving, through sustainability accounting. The workshop will begin with a presentation about Grant Thronton’s sustainable business and accounting strategies followed by a case exercise which will be held by a sustainability consultant at Grant Thornton. During the case you will be divided into groups where you will be discussing different situations and companies and later present what analysis you have made for the companies abilities and challenges they face regarding sustainability.

The workshop is held in swedish. 

Workshop: New World. New Skills - Get your Hard Skills with PwC 

22/2 – 12.00-13.30

Do you know about the Essential 8 Technologies which together are unlocking the next wave of innovation, yielding new business solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts? Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Blockchain, Drones, Internet of things, Robotics, Virtual reality, 3-D printing

PwC invites you to a knowledge sharing case where we together discuss and learn about these technologies, and you also get to try them out on a fictive client-based case. These are the core technologies that matter most for business, across every industry, over the next three to five years. So, sign up for the case and Get your Hard Skills with PwC!

Food will be offered through Foodora.

OBS, this is the same day workshop held on PwC Day.