For us inspiration, innovation and possibilities are key words for our way of working and building the fair. Thereby, we believe that it is both in our way of thinking and our duty to continue with this without compromising future student generations opportunities. This can be done through working with both social and environmental sustainability in the greatest extent possible. The sustainable aspects are therefore the core of our work connecting us with future possibilities. Furthermore, we believe that together, we have the tools to create our own sustainable future.


– We set up an environmental policy which describes our long term vision as well as on yearly goals and action plan.
– The purpose is to concretise our view towards this area.
– The policy also provides a framework for all the areas of the fair.
– We climate compensate all our work.

The Fair

– Visitors can join us at the sustainability corner to be inspired as well as informed about the subject. Students can also participate in various competitions!
– This year, the eeeDays has chosen to climate compensate all our work regarding and during the fair.
– In order to eliminate the sponsoring of bottled water, stations have been integrated to provide fresh water. Also, recycling stations are located in every corner of the fair to encourage the visitors to recycle. Further, all of the used cans can be recycled by Panta Mera.
– eeeDagarna is an all vegetarian fair.
– We work selective regarding sponsors and companies to collaborate with, in order to make sure we have shared values and can reduce usage of certain materials.
– We are focusing both on environmental and social responsibility. More information will come.
– This year all served lunches are vegan and all of the events are vegetarian. This minimizes our environmental impact.


– Together with our partner Zeromission we have established the possibility for exhibiting companies to climate compensate. The participating companies can compensate their transports, overnight accommodations and basic emission connected to the fair. Furthermore, we will this year climate compensate the entire fair.
– This year we provide the companies with the option to cycle to the fair.