Staff Recruitment for eee2018

The eeeDays is the annual career fair arranged by LundaEkonomerna at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The 34rd edition of eeeDays will be held during 21st-22nd of February 2018.


For the last 30 years, students at LUSEM have had the opportunity to meet and market themselves to future employers during the course of two intense days in February: the eeeDays. This fair is a fantastic platform for students, the school and companies to come together and engage for tomorrow. For this to happen, however, we are in need of the best and the brightest students to staff at the eeeFair.

eee2018 will take place during three days (20-22/02- 2018). One day for building the fair and two days for the fair itself along with the great banquet “Pytten”. Aside from this, there will be a separate event building up to the fair called eeeBoost, this will take place on the 14th of February. As a staffer during eee2018, we expect you to be a service-minded and joyful person who will greet every visitor, company representative and fellow staff with a serious impression and a big smile.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of the different positions available to apply for. Read it carefully and find the most suitable position for you.


What is most important, however, is to apply at the latest Sunday 10th of December at 23.59.

Remember, to apply you must be a member of LundaEkonomerna.

Photo Host

We are looking for a person with a passion for capturing the right moments of eee2018. The photo and video material is to be published before, during and after the fair to make up our content on our social media-channels and in a future album. In a team of three people, you will together with the Marketing and Communications Coordinator be responsible for taking and editing all the photos from the fair as well as the pre-events and the finishing banquet Pytten. Therefore you should be a creative, social team player and aim to show the best side of our fair in every picture! Earlier experience in photography is not a must but a merit.

Event Host

eee2018 also includes events such as eeeBoost, eeeConnect and the great Pytten. As an Event Host you will be preparing and working during one of those events. eeeConnect is held during the evening of the first day of the fair and is an opportunity for students to connect with the company representatives during more informal circumstances. If you are assigned to work during eeeConnect you will for example work with organizing the catering and lead the games. Pytten is the traditional grand finale of the eeeDays, it takes place during the evening of the second day of the fair. It includes dinner and party at AF-borgen and it is Lundaekonomernas biggest social event during the spring semester. You will also help prepare before Pytten, such as set the tables and decorate AF-borgen. As an Event Host you are an outgoing, social team player who handles stressful moments very well and greets everyone with a smile.

Corporate Host

As a Corporate Host you are the link between LundaEkonomerna and the company you are responsible for. Before the eeeDays it is your task to contact your assigned company to help them with practical information or other concerns that they might have. During the eeeDays you will be their contact and helping hand. This will be a great opportunity for you to network and promote yourself to the exhibiting companies. You are social, responsible and dedicated. The corporate hosts will each be assigned 1 company per day, and work for both days of the fair.

Career Interview Host

During eee2018, students and companies are able to meet and connect during career interviews. As a Career Interview Host you will be the link between the students and the company representatives. Your task will be to welcome both company representatives and students to our Career Interview Service Desk as well as guide them to the right interview room. It also includes ensuring that the interviewer is content as they make a lot of interviews during the fair-days. The committee wants a person who is service-minded, organized, genuine and calm.

Information Host

The Information desk is the first thing visitors see when entering the fair of eee2018, since it is strategically placed in Ljusgården. As an Information Host you will help visitors and company representatives with general information about the fair. The committee is searching for a person who is service-minded, can keep calm in stressful situations and handle both interested and stressed people in a splendid way.

Fair Host

The eeeFair would not be possible to accomplish without all the amazing staffers building it! As a Fair Host, you will be responsible for building the eeeFair the day before the fair together with a team that you will be assigned to. The task is to transform the three parts of EC buildings into a stunning eeeFair. You will also be helping out with getting EC back to normal after the eeeFair. Since most of the work is done before and after the eeeFair, you as a Fair Host will get the perfect mix of being a part of eee2018 as well as being able to attend the eeeFair to meet exciting companies.

Lounge Host

Our Corporate Lounge will be a sort of a “landing area” for company representatives working during eee2018, whilst the Lounge welcomes all students who are visitors at the eeeFair. As a Lounge Host you will alternate between working in the Lounge and in the Corporate Lounge. Your main tasks will be to provide visitors with beverages as well as lighter snacks. You will also help to build and decorate the areas before the eeeFair. It is important that you are a service-minded person who enjoys helping others and that you can take own initiatives.

Lunch Host

Company representatives, staffers and other university representatives will be offered lunch during the eeeFair. Your task as a Lunch Host will be welcoming and hosting the lunch guests with a big smile, as well as keeping the lunch area nice and clean. As a Lunch Host you are service-minded, positive and have the ability to stay calm in stressful moments.

Transport Host

As a Transport Host you are the person who will transport guests and speakers to and from airports, trains and hotels. A lot of times during eee2018, you are the first eee-person that the guests will meet. Therefore the committee is looking for a person who is amazing at giving a good first impression. Of course you have extremely good track of time, a driver’s license and a good sense of local knowledge.  

Lecture Host

While students are networking with the wide range of exhibiting companies the eeeLectures are taking over Crafoordsalen! During the lectures there will be food and beverages available. As a Lecture Host you will be preparing the food, serve it and welcome the students to the eeeLecture. The lecture team will be responsible for cleaning and preparation after/before every new lecture. You will also be in contact with the speakers making sure they feel 100 % comfortable before and after their lectures. As a person you are social, structured and most of all service minded.

Sustainability Host

In order to contribute to a sustainable world and more sustainable relations, the eeeFair will work with different activities in the area during the fair. As a Sustainable Host you will either be working with activities and build up our sustainable booth at the fair, or be responsible for documenting our impact and others opinions. These activates are essential to inspire, motivate and create data for future eeeFairs. We are looking for a person who loves to motivate and mediate through the sustainable aspects as well as the ability to converse with people and companies in a professional manner.

Press the ”Apply here” button below to fulfill your application. Apply no later than Sunday 10/12 23.59.

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