16th of February

Prepare Yourself – eeeBoost

eeeBoost is a new concept created to boost the students to challenge and inspire each other. This day is filled with inspiring lectures, fun activities and useful tips directly from our main sponsors. You will also be given the opportunity to boost your career by having a CV/LinkedIn-photo taken, getting a haircut and valuable advice for your career. All this and more will be arranged approximately a week before the fair, where you as student can prepare yourself for everything that the eee-fair has to offer. eeeBoost takes place the 16th of February.


Are you prepared? Are you looking for inspiration to step out of your comfort zone? Have you forgotten to register for eeeLectures or to buy tickets to Pytten? Are you having questions or just need some useful information about the fair?

Show up, inspire us, let us help you!

Henrik Jönsson – entrepreneurship more then just start-ups

Henrik Jönsson is a self-made entrepreneur, investor and author. A multi-disciplinary creative, who focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation.

In a spiritual way Henrik will tell us about entrepreneurship and why it is the most useful tool, not only when starting and developing companies, but also for personal branding and growing as an employee.

Henrik started his first company over 20 years ago. Since then he as been starting serval companies in both Sweden and the UK. During the buzzing years of the IT boom he co-founded and ran a digital service agency in San Francisco. Currently Henrik is running a group of Scandinavian and London based IT companies, whose sphere of activities range from mobile software development to online gourmet food delivery and has authored several award-winning games for Apple devices.

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Peter Åberg – Experience your dreams

Peter is the motivational speaker who held more than 100 lectures on 5 different continents. With a lot of enthusiasm Peter talks about goals and the importance of challenging yourself in order to grow as a person.

Peter is a passionated adventure traveler who will tell us about his experiences and how the world is open for those who believe. With thrilling and fascination stories from all around the world Peter inspires his audience to go get their dreams – because you never know when your life will change.

Notice that this lecture is full, but you are welcome to sign up on the reserve list!