Lectures eee2019

Wednesday 20/2

The Director General of finansinspektionen will inspire you with his career journey and talk about Sweden’s financial situation today.

More specifically he will touch upon the subjects household debt and Finansinspektionens macroprudential tools.

Therese Treutiger 12:00-13:00 How to build a successful international career

From being a student at Ekonomihögskolan in Lund to becoming the Deputy CEO at Microsoft Sweden – Therése Treutiger will share her career advice and her thoughts on digitalisation as a tool in the Swedish economy.

Erik Engellau-Nilsson 14:00-15:00 The CEO of the biggest hub in Europe for impact entreprenuership
– How did he get there and what is to come?

The CEO of Norrsken Foundation (norrskenfoundation.org), a foundation that supports entrepreneurship with a focus on solutions for societal challenges, both environmental and social. Norrsken also runs Norrsken House, which has become the biggest hub in Europe for impact entrepreneurship with 120 companies, as well as Norrsken Founders Fund that invests directly into impact businesses.

Thursday 21/2

Nicholas Fernholm 10:30- 11:30 How will digitalisation affect companies and future jobs?

Within 15 years it is estimated that 47% of all jobs of today will be done automatically. What does this imply for
you? How should companies think in order to be leading in this change? AI is seen as important by many but not as many have a plan. The challenges of digitalisation rises at the same time as a generation shift. What does our generation have to offer and what can we expect?

Kate Bosomworth 13:00-14:00 Role of Insight in creating effective campaigns 

Kate Bosomworth is currently a CMO at the biggest Independent Creative Agency Network in the World – M&C Saatchi. The best campaigns don’t work by magic, campaigns that really work, make a difference to society and our communities are based on deep insight. Deep thinking, smart strategists who take a core human truth, one that often we haven’t considered before or even seen, and with the help of brilliant creative teams turn this into an idea that changes the world.