Guest Speakers

During the eeeWeek four different and interesting lectures will be held. Tune in and be inspired!

Be quick to sign up! The first 50 people to sign up for the guest lectures will get a free meal to enjoy! The meal can be picked up before the lecture starts.

Sign-up opens on the 12th of February!

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24th of February


Niklas Adalberth is the co-founder of Klarna and founder of the charity foundation Norrsken. He will enlighten us about the world of entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of innovation in order to solve some of the world’s greatest problems. Together with Niklas, we will get inspired to be more innovative and get an insight into being a leader of a large foundation!


19th of February


Anders Hansen, Sweden’s most well-known psychiatrist, has both a medical degree from Karolinska Institute and an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. Anders will inspire you and most importantly give you greater knowledge over your greatest organ. Join the lecture with Anders Hansen, and together we will get “hjärnstarka”.


23th of February


Economic growth through international development cooperation.


Marie Ottosson, Deputy Director General of Sida, will elucidate how international development cooperation can contribute to economic growth and make the world to a better place. She will also tell why Sida, Sweden’s government agency for international development cooperation, is an important agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ms. Ottosson has over twenty years of experience in various management positions with Swedish state entities, including multiple roles at Sida in Sweden and internationally with Sida,  the European Union and the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam.


She holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics with advanced studies in auditing and accounting from Stockholm University.


22th of February


Ulrika Jägare, Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Strategy Execution at Ericsson, has more than a decade of experience within AI and works daily with integrating it with telecommunication. During this lecture, Ulrika will brief us about her career, and talk about the importance of AI and how to adapt it to our fast-changing society. Do not miss this chance to hear about the impact that it has on the future!

Company Lectures


23/2 – 11.00 – 12.00

Interested in taking a personality test made by Alva Labs? 

Alva Labs offers assessment tests for companies to improve their recruitment process through machine learning and AI. Assessment tests are more and more common in the recruitment process and being familiar with them will give you an edge over the competition. In the lecture with Jasper from Alva Labs he will talk about assessment tests and give you some tips and tricks about how to improve your chances of success but also show the statistics of the recruitment process right now.


The hour will include a lecture of 50 minutes and a Q&A of 10 minutes. There is no need to sign up for the lecture, just tune in through the zoom link that will be posted in the “The eeeDays 2021 Growing by Adapting” Facebook event.  


Alva Labs will also offer students to take a personality test which will prepare them for the events of the fair and for personal development. Although the assessment will be brought up during the lecture, there is no requirement to take the test to attend this lecture. The application for assessment test opens at the 11th of February and closes the 15th of February at 18:00. 


19/2 – 13.00-14.00

LinkedIn is a central platform for networking, gaining industry-specific knowledge, searching for new job-opportunities, and last but not least to be found by recruiters and future employers.


Therefore, it is important that you already during your studies build a LinkedIn-profile that makes you visible in the right way and for the right people. But how should you do to create your network, present your acquired skills, and yourself in the best way possible to take you to your next career step?


In this lecture, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the LinkedIn-platform works and you will also gain valuable tips in how you can use the platform-algorithms to your advantage. Take part in the step by step guidance and inspiration of how you can design your profile so you can reach where you want in the future.


Join in and get skills to reach your next goal.

180 Degrees Consulting

18/2 – 15.30-16.30

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest social impact consultancy! Join this lecture with them on February 18th where they will introduce you to the 180Degrees way to crack a case. In addition, they will also brief us about the different NGOs and start-ups that they consult. Do not miss this opportunity to hear about the world’s largest university-based consultancy, which has more than 130+ branches worldwide at most high ranking universities!

You don’t need to sign up to join the lecture! Just tune in by clicking on the button below and be inspired.