Who are Handelsbanken?

The cornerstone of our organisation is the bank office. The absolute key to our development and successful result, however, is our employees. 
At Handelsbanken, you take your own initiatives, own responsibilities and make your own decisions. You influence both the enterprise and your own develop­ment.

Handelsbanken is a full range bank with a nationwide office network in Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. Handelsbanken was founded in 1871 and has today about 11 000 employees and operates in 24 countries.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, the organisation of Handelsbanken is strongly decentralized and the enterprise always originates from the customer’s need. This means that all business decisions that deals with single customer’s relationships with the bank are taken close to the customer.

Handelsbanken has more satisfied customers than comparable banks, is one of the most cost efficient listed full range banks in Europe and has every year during the last 42 years had higher profitability than the average comparable banks.

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