Most frequent questions and answers regarding the eeeDays.

Eee stands for Efsilekonomernas Ekonomdagar and is the largest career fair for Business, Economics, and IT students in the Nordics. Over the past 36 years, we have hosted hundreds of companies, tens of thousands of students, and many inspiring speakers. The fair is visited by around 3,500 students annually, making it a great opportunity to meet some of Sweden’s top students. 

To create a safe and healthy environment for all participants, we have decided to conduct the fair digitally, which means this year, eee is coming to you!

The deadline to submit your registration form is February 5th, and the deadline to set up your stalls is 10 days before the fair, which is the 15th of February.  

This year eee will be bigger and better than ever before! We are expanding eeeDays to eeeWeek! The week will start off with speakers, workshops, and various other opportunities for bringing students and companies together. The grand finale is the digital fair taking place on the 25th of February followed by an amazing banquet – Pytten.

The fair itself will be held through Graduateland and will be on February 25th. We will provide further instructions on how to register and how to set up your stall in the coming weeks.

We offer a full experience with many different ways of meeting students and creating the best possible circumstances for you to meet your future employees. These include eeeBoosted, eeeConnect, Career Interviews, lectures, Workshops, and our banquet – Pytten.

The students come from a broad range of academic backgrounds such as business administration, economics, business law, and IT. The university is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. By participating you get to meet a diverse mix of students who are ambitious, creative, and passionate. If you are participating in the eeeWeek to recruit for different fields, e.g. to both business and IT departments, we recommend you to participate with company representatives that can answer students’ questions regarding all the departments you are recruiting to, to get the most out of your eeeWeek experience.


The career interviews will be conducted digitally this year and will be held on the 22-23-24th of February with opportunities for spontaneous interviews on the 25th. They will be arranged and moderated by the committee and will not be through Graduateland. We will provide more information about how they will be structured in the coming weeks.


The interviews are usually 15-20 minutes long, but you, as a company, can decide the length of the interviews yourself.

No, the interviews are meant to bring students and companies together. They do not have to be for a specific job position, it is a great way to meet LUSEM students even if you don’t currently have any open positions .

We will email you the applications when the application period closes. 

Any student who is currently studying at LUSEM can apply. 

Yes, during the virtual fair you will have the option to create time slots for video chats with students through our platform Graduateland. 


Our top priority is to provide a healthy and safe environment for all attendess and exhibitors. Therefore this year Pytten will be virutal. It will be held on February 25th from the comfort of your home.  

eeeConnect is an event where a few special companies have the opportunity to get to know selected students under a more relaxed atmosphere. There will be challenges and competitions held followed by a mingle. 

eeeConnect will be held on February 24th and will be digital. 


We will email you stall setup instructions in the coming weeks. 

Health and safety are our top priorities. Therefore, to avoid any spread; we are moving all of our events to a virtual setting

This year the fair is coming to you. You can meet students from the comfort of your home/office while still receiving the same service and experience you would get out of a physical fair.

If you are interested in exhibiting during the eeeWeek, please contact one of our amazing Company Relations Coordinators for more information, prices, and a package that suits your company. Click here for contact. 

When the students enter the virtual fair, they are presented with a page with all the exhibiting companies. There, students can choose which companies they would like to interact with and can do so by clicking on their stall. Through the chat-function the student can easily contact the company. The student profile together with their CV provides a convenient way for the companies to find students that are best suited to them.