Welcome to eee2020!

The eeeDays of 2020 take place between the 19th and 20th of February!

Welcome to the eeeDays, Scandinavia’s largest career fair for Business, Economics and IT students! The 36th edition of the eeeDays is getting closer, and we cannot wait to host all of the exhibiting companies and visiting students at Lund School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) in February. 

In this FAQ you will find information about the upcoming fair. Please note that all orders are done in the company registration, which you access via the link in the welcome email!

In case of further questions, please contact me, Sofie Wernborg, Informations Coordinator at information.eee@lundaekonomerna.se – Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m here for you!


When and where will the fair take place?

eee2020 will be held Wednesday, February 19th and Thursday, February 20th at Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum in Lund. The official opening ceremony will be held during the first day of the fair, on February 19th at 10:00 in EC1 (Ljusgården). A second opening ceremony will also take place on the second day of the fair, February 20th at 10:00 in EC1 (Ljusgården). The fair will thereafter be open at 10:00-16:00 on the 19th and 10:00-15:00 on the 20th. 

What do we offer?

Career Interviews 

In the career interviews you have the opportunity to hold both casual and/or formal interviews with students from LUSEM during the fair days. In order to save you time, we will organise the entire process. This includes scheduling the interviews and even screening CVs, where we can nominate candidates for interview based on the preferences or competencies you’re looking for. If you are interested in holding career interviews, please fill in your interest in the company registration in the tab called career interview. Read more further down. 


During the evening of February 19th, a few companies will have the opportunity to further get to know selected students in a more relaxed setting. Company representatives and students compete and take part in challenges focused on problem-solving and communication. A mingle will be held after the competitions. More information about this arrangement is available upon request. 


One of our greatest traditions is the Pytten Banquet held on 20th of February in Sparbanken Skåne Arena, where all the company representatives and students will have a delightful night together. A three-course dinner and great entertainment will be provided as conversations and networking will continue. Please fill in which of your colleagues who wants to attend Pytten in the company registration, and see further information about Pytten in chapter 6.1. 

Extended Advertisement 

The TV-screens around LUSEM will be offered to you to market your company in movie format straight to the students. The basic package gives you 7 minutes/hour of exposure and this will continue through the entire fair. If you are interested in this, please provide us with relevant information via the company registration during the registration period, but no later than February 7th. There is also the opportunity to get a custom-made advertisement plan that fits your needs. We also offer digital marketing in our social media, let us know if you are interested. 

Personal Corporate host

Every company will be given a personal corporate host that will guide and support you regarding practical matters before and during the fair. The first contact will be initiated by your corporate host when we get closer to the actual days. 

Corporate Lounge & Workroom 

Throughout the fair you will have access to our Corporate Lounge and Workroom, which serve as break-out rooms for relaxation or work. 

Hotel Accommodation

This year, we kindly ask you to book your accommodation by yourself. If you would like any recommendation of hotels in Lund, do not hesitate to contact me. 

How do we register?

In the welcome email I have attached a link to the company registration. The company registration is the place where you fill in all the information and requests for the fair.

What are the deadlines?

Please fill in the following information in the company registration. 

Catalogue profile, career interviews, exhibition – deadline January 15th! 

Events & meals, transports & representatives – deadline February 5th! 

What is the profile of LUSEM students?

The eeeDays is the Nordic region’s biggest fair for Business, Economics and IT students. During the eeeDays, you are offered the opportunity to meet the students of LUSEM. That incorporates a width of business, economics, business law and IT-students at both the Bachelor and Master levels. Several of the Master programmes at LUSEM are highly ranked globally and host an international cohort of students, providing you with the opportunity to meet students from other parts of the world. This means the visitors of the fair, nearly 4000 students, are highly diverse with different backgrounds and fields of study. Our students are from all over the world, with different backgrounds and education, why we hope that you will take factors such as gender, background and education into your consideration when choosing company representatives.  

If you are participating in the eeeDays to recruit to different departments, e.g. to both business and IT departments, we recommend you to send company representatives that can answer to the students questions regarding all the divisions you are recruiting to, to get the most out of your eeeDays experience.


When can we start to assemble our stand?

The school opens at 8:00 both fair days for those of you who wish to prepare in advance on the same day. Please make sure that you arrive on time to assemble your stand. All preparations should be done latest by 10:00 when the fair opens. Those of you who wish to build your stand already the night before can do this at 17.00-20.00. If you wish to build your stand the night before, please tell your Corporate Host about this when he/she contacts you. 

Could we get help with the assembly of our stand?

Yes, we can help you assemble your stand. If you require assistance from us please state this in the company registration under ”Other requests” on the ”Exhibition” tab. 

How do we deliver our stand?

If you would like to deliver your exhibition stand in advance to us, please make sure that your delivery reaches us between Friday February 14th and Monday February 17th. We accept deliveries from 10.00-16.00. 

To what address shall we send our stand?

Please make sure the shipping label is clearly labelled with your company name. 

Delivery address:
Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum
Ole Römers Väg 2
223 63 LUND 

Please note that it is mandatory to attach the return shipping label clearly and visible in your shipment or be brought with you and given to your Corporate Host during the fair. It is mandatory that odd-sized or big exhibition stands are sent on EURO-pallets which will ease our goods reception. The contact person regarding the logistics to give to the courier is: 

Alexander Serrano, Fair Coordinator
+46 70 218 61 24

Where will we find the extra material we ordered?

All extra ordered material will be placed at your exhibiting spot when you arrive. We offer you additional tables, TV- screens, bar stools, brochure stands and electrical equipment. Please provide us with the information regarding extra material in the company registration under the ”Exhibition” tab. Please note that order of extra material is binding and will be added to your invoice.

When and where can we pick up our stand after the fair?

The pickup address is the same as the delivery address. The pickup of your exhibition stand is booked and scheduled by you. At the latest your exhibition stand should be picked up by Friday the 21st of February. Hours for pickup are 10.00-16.00. For those of you who order your pickup via courier, please make sure you have attached the return shipping label on your shipment as mentioned above. 


How are the career interviews arranged?

The interview sessions will take place during both fair days, between 9.00 and 16.00 the February 19th and between 9.00 and 15.00 the February 20th. They will be held in different classrooms at Ekonomicentrum and Alfa. You will get the opportunity to hold up to 12 interviews each day. We will have a Service Counter in EC3, where we will happily answer all your questions regarding the interviews during the fair. Your Corporate Host can show you where to go. Please, note that career interview starts one hour before the fair! 

How do the applications for career interviews work?

The application for students will open January 28th. Please also note that your career interview preferences must be submitted by 15th January. Thereafter we will send out the CVs to you if you have announced your interest in interview sessions. If you want us to perform a screening for you, i.e only send you the CVS that match your preferences, you can choose this option under the ”Career Interviews” tab in the company registration. When you have selected your students we will start to schedule all the interviews. We will send you a specific time schedule no later than February 14th. We also offer you the possibility to hold spontaneous interviews with, by you, selected students you meet during the fair. Your Corporate Host can show you to our Service Desk where our staff will help you out.

How do we get access to the students' applications?

This year, we will send you a ZIP file with all the CVs and cover letters from the students attending your company’s career interviews. We only print those upon request, since we are trying to lower our climate impact as much as possible. Please send me an email if you want these printed.


When and where is the lunch served?

Lunch will be served between 11.00 and 14.00 during both fair days at Restaurant and Café In-spira at Medicon Village, just a few minutes walk from Ekonomicentrum. Your Corporate Host will inform you about your specific lunch time and show you to the restaurant. Please provide us with the information about how many lunch tickets you will need each exhibition day in the company registration under the ”Events & Meals” tab. Three lunch tickets are included per exhibition day. If you would like to order extra lunch tickets, you will be invoiced for an extra ticket. You order extra lunch tickets in the company registration, where the prices will be specified. 

When and where is Pytten held?

eee2020 ends with a big celebratory dinner, Pytten! The banquet will take place in Sparbanken Skåne Arena on the evening of February 20th. The doors will open at 17.30 for mingle and a pre-drink. The door closes and the banquet starts at 18.30. The after-party for other guests opens at 00.00. There is a cloakroom for all guests at the banquet. The dress code is Dark suit. More information about the theme of Pytten will be provided at a later stage. 

The address to Sparbanken Skåne Arena:

Stattenavägen 25
222 28 LUND

In the company registration under the ”Events & Meals” tab you can pick how many Pytten tickets you would like. Three tickets are already included, if you choose to buy any additional tickets they cost 1000 SEK each. We won’t be handing out any actual tickets for Pytten, you only state your name when you arrive at the entrance to ease the process.


Will there be Wi-Fi at the fair?

Wireless internet will be available. You will get the login and password when you arrive at the fair.

We need transport to and from the fair, can you help us with that?

We will provide transportation from the Central Station in Lund and Malmö Airport. On your company login, under the ’transportation’ tab you can provide us with your transportation preferences.

Where can we park?

We ask you to park outside Alfa, at our parking lot. Your company host will meet you on arrival and give you your tickets.

The address is:
Scheelevägen 15
223 70 LUND