By tradition the eeeDays always ends with the spectacular banquet called Pytten. With approximately 450 guests entering the Great Hall at AF-borgen followed by a party where business representatives and students have the opportunity to interact under relaxed circumstances, this evening is where we together end the eeeDays in the best possible way.


Throughout the years the eeeDays has been honored by the presence of having monumental speakers challenging and inspiring students with exciting lectures. The concept around these lectures has differed from year to year, but the core stays the same – to give students insights and inspiration for their future careers.


eeeBoost is a new concept created to boost the students to challenge and inspire each other. This day is filled with inspiring lectures, fun activities and useful tips directly from our main sponsors. You will also be given the opportunity to boost your career by having a CV/LinkedIn-photo taken, getting a haircut and valuable advice for your career. All this and more will be arranged approximately a week before the fair, where you as student can prepare yourself for everything that the eeeFair has to offer. eeeBoost takes place the 14th of February.


Are you prepared? Are you looking for inspiration to step out of your comfort zone? Have you forgotten to register for eeeLectures or to buy tickets to Pytten? Are you having questions or just need some useful information about the fair?

Show up, inspire us, let us help you!


On the night of the first fair day the eeeConnect is arranged. The intention of this event is to give companies a chance to mingle with the students under relaxed circumstances, finishing a successful first fair day together. You will be offered entertainment, a mingle buffet and rewarding meetings.


Did you not get enough of the first fair day, Is your fridge empty or are you feeling in the right relaxed mode?

Come join us in the mingle zone!