Committee Recruitment: eee2019

The eeeDays is the annual career fair arranged by LundaEkonomerna at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The 35th edition of eeeDays will be held the 20th-21st of February, 2019.

As the biggest Career Fair in the Nordics for Business, Economics and IT-students, the eeeDays are in need of 13 ambitious and talented new Committee members that will take the fair to new heights. Please find more information about each role below. What is most important: apply at the latest Wednesday, 12th of September at 23:59.

Remember, to apply you must be a member of LundaEkonomerna.

Marketing Coordinator

 Are you someone who loves working with marketing, content and layout? Are you passionate about expressing yourself through photo and video? We are now looking for a creative and enthusiastic team player to be responsible for the marketing of the eeeDays.

Your tasks will mainly consist of creating and implementing the marketing plan of eee2018. You will have a great opportunity to keep developing the graphic profile and refine the design concept that is associated with eee. Everything from posters, film-making, to creating the fabulous eeeBook. You will work closely with the Communications Coordinator and create all the material that we can be proud to use in sales and marketing for eee2018.

Your tasks will mainly consist of creating and implementing the marketing plan of eee2019. You will have a great opportunity to keep developing the graphic profile and refine the design concept that is associated with eee. Everything from posters, film-making, and our social media will be in your hands. Are you a person who strives to let your creativity flow? Then this is the right position for you! You will work closely and assist the whole committee creating all the material that we can proudly use during sales and marketing for eee2019. You will work closely with the IT-coordinator, and eventually lead two taskforce to help create high quality content for the committee.

You will also be Editor-in-Chief for all written content on the website and other media. Experience within in marketing software such as video editing programs, Adobe Suite and/or InDesign is highly valuable.
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IT Coordinator

Do you have a sense for computer coding and love to look into details? We are now looking for an IT coordinator who will mainly be responsible of the development and improvement of our website, app and internal working systems!

The eeeDays are looking for a detail oriented and creative person who can bring fresh ideas to our digital platforms, and make them reality. Last year, we introduced our app for the first time ever, and this year we want to take the concept of digitalisation even further! With both an app and website at your disposal the possibilities to create something new are endless.

Aside of developing and maintaining the website and the app, you will work with our internal registering system for companies, speakers etc. As IT Coordinator you will get the opportunity to work in a modern way and gain experience within the IT-sector. It is valuable to have experience within web design, such as WordPress.

Company Relations Coordinator

Are you a goal-oriented salesperson ready to take the next step? As Company Relations Coordinator you will be responsible for selling the concept of eee2019 and bringing your dream companies to the fair!

We are now recruiting three We are now recruiting three Company Relations Coordinators for eee2019. The team of three will be responsible for contacting and signing companies and organisations exhibiting on the fair. The goal is to bring an exciting mixture of companies from different industries to the fair, in order to meet the interests of all LUSEM’s students.

We are looking for a structured salesperson with good communication skills who enjoys working towards goals, with a teamplayer set of mind. You are an outgoing person who wants to develop and challenge yourself by taking your sales- and negotiating-skills to the next level. You are not afraid of taking the first step in a contact, and are eager to develop your own professionalism.

As Company Relations Coordinator,a lot of the fair’s success lies on your shoulders but your reward is also significant. You will gain a lot of valuable contact with all kinds of companies and their representatives – maybe even your dream company? Apply now!

Speakers Coordinator

AAre you innovate, driven and openminded? As Speakers Coordinator you are responsible for creating, selling and organizing the concept eeeLectures to potential speakers, companies and students of LUSEM.

As Speakers Coordinator your responsibility will be to develop and create the lecture and workshop concept of eee2019. Your tasks will consist of inviting and bringing interesting and inspirational speakers to the eeeFair as well as eeeBoost. On top of this, structuring the logistics and developing the eeeLecture atmosphere are important building-blocks for you in maximizing the visitors’ experience.

You will have the opportunity to design the lecture concept to make it as exciting as possible and invite the speakers that you find the most inspirational. Do you have a role model that you always wanted to get inspired by? – Get them to eee2019!

For this position we are looking for a hardworking, outgoing person who can think outside of the box, and dares to get in contact with outstanding people and companies.

Are you ready to inspire and get inspired? Apply today!

Sponsoring Coordinator

Are you a driven salesperson and tough negotiator ready to develop your A-game? As Sponsoring Coordinator you will be the one bringing the little extra to eee2019 by negotiating with companies to sponsor the fair and the events surrounding it.

You will be in charge of finding suitable companies and products that could benefit the students and the companies participating in eee2019. You will also make sure that the sponsors get value from their sponsorship, on top of turning the three important eeeLounges into something extraordinary.

We are looking for a person who is highly goal-oriented, structured and loves to take on new challenges. You are an open-minded and outgoing person who doesn’t hesitate to start calling companies and sell them the eeeConcept. Furthermore, you are creative and like to think outside the box. As Sponsoring Coordinator you will get the chance to put your personal ideas on a huge and important part of the fair. Previous sales experience is a merit but not a necessity. You are able to work in teams, since you will work closely with the Finance Coordinator and three task force members.  

The workload will sometimes be high but your reward even higher, so look forward to a year of great personal development and the opportunity to really add value to the eeeDays. The sky is the limit – are you ready? Apply and help us make it happen!

Informations Coordinator

Are you professional, structured and service-minded? As Information Coordinator you will be the “spider in the web” for all of our exhibiting companies. You will be outermost the bridge between the companies and the fair!

As Information Coordinator you will be in charge of the information flow between the companies and the committee and will make sure that the contact is handled in a professional and service-minded way. This means making sure that both parties have the information needed for a successful event and handling the requests that the exhibiting companies express.

We are looking for a person with a talent for service who is familiar with handling stressful situations in a professional manor. You are a well-organized team-player who loves working with many different personalities.

The workload will differ, but as Information Coordinator you will have extensive contact with companies, meaning a major opportunity to show them your skills. So what are you waiting for? Apply!

Finance Coordinator

Are you structured, good at budgeting and love to track numbers into the smallest, detailed level? As Finance Coordinator you are in charge of all the finances and cash flow of LundaEkonomerna’s largest project!

From budgeting to the administration of the daily cash flow, you are the one with an eye for numbers and the one keeping track of the committee’s expenses. The magnitude of the project will at times entail large cash- and receipt-management and you will act as the extended arm of the union’s Treasurer. You will work closely with the Sponsoring and Procurement-team and make sure that everything needed will be bought to the fair.

We are looking for a person with extensive organizational skills and preferably with earlier accounting or budgeting experience in some way. You are a stress-hardy individual able to handle pressure in a professional way towards your colleagues and friends.

Are you up for the challenge and ready for the responsibility? Of course you are, apply now!

Fair Coordinator

Do you feel like being a good team leader, planning, directing and working with logistics are characteristics that describe you? Then Fair Coordinator of eee2019 is the position for you!

As Fair Coordinator you will be in charge of the nuts and bolts of the two-day eeeFair. This means that you will plan, organize and visualise everything from scratch and be the one in charge of the assembly, the fair-days and the practical take-down of the entire fair. You will get the opportunity to turn your imagination into reality, to rebuild the entire Ekonomicentrum into your fair!

We are looking for a well-structured individual who will manage to be in charge of a lot of logistics work and still be able to keep the vision in mind. Planning and designing of rooms, stands and other practical parts will be in your hands. Being service-minded and stress-hardy is important since you will be in contact with a lot of company representatives to make sure their needs will be fulfilled.

Furthermore, as Fair Coordinator you will eventually work with a team that you will manage and also be responsible for approximately 160 staffers, something that requires ability to stay focused and organized during long working hours and a lot of pressure.

Do you have what it takes to build eee2019 from scratch? We think so! Apply today!

Events Coordinator

Are you creative and enjoy organizing big events and banquets? As Events Coordinator for eee2019 you will make sure all students and companies are having an amazing time at all events surrounding the actual fair..

As Events Coordinator you will be responsible for all the events before and during the fair-days. It will be your responsibility to make sure that the banquet of eee2019, Pytten – LundaEkonomerna’s second largest social event – will be successful and appreciated by both company representatives and students. You will also be in charge of the PreeeParty for approximately 160 staffers and eeeConnect that takes place during the evening of the first day of the fair. You will also lead the team creating eeeBoost.

Since there are a lot of things that has to clutch throughout a short period of time it is really important that you are well structured. Two Events Coordinators will be recruited, therefore, this position requires extent teamwork qualities.

Ready to make the events of eee2019 something remarkable? Apply now!

HR & Sustainability Coordinator

Do you enjoy recruiting and team-building, and do you have that extra drive to develop our CSR-profile? Then HR & Sustainability Coordinator is the position for you!

There are around 160 staffers working during the two days of fair and a lot of what the visitors and exhibitors will remember is the service they were given during the fair. All the staffers need to be competent, ambitious and service-minded and for them to do their very best they need a structured and motivating team leader. Furthermore, you will guide the entire committee during the task force recruitment process.

Our ever expanding sustainability concept means that you will experience a great creative freedom and constant support for your new and exciting ideas for implementing social and environmental sustainability in eee2019! With an amazing ground to stand on and the possibilities to create an even more conscious career fair you can really affect long term and shape how we work with sustainability!

We are looking for a “people’s person” with a talent for picking competence out of a crowd. As HR & Sustainability Coordinator you are in charge of the recruitment of all staffers, coordinating the Task Force recruitment, team-building activities, as well as the operative Sustainability work throughout the year.

Are your ready to build the team of eee2019 and gain rare recruitment, HR, and CSR experience? Become our HR & Sustainability Coordinator!

Press the ”Apply here” button below to fulfill your application. Don’t forget to attach a CV and Cover Letter. Apply no later than Wednesday 12/9, 23:59.

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