What is Career Interviews?

Companies and students get a chance to meet one another for a digital interview in a more relaxed setting. The purpose is to give companies the opportunity to evaluate candidates and to provide students with relevant experience. Many students have gotten job offers and internships following interview sessions. The interviews will be 15 minutes long and will be conducted during entire eeeWeek, starting 21th feb-25th feb.


Application opens 27/1 and closes ..


How do I apply?

You apply by uploading your CV and a cover letter to a maximum of 8 companies of your choice. Further down you can see which companies are offering interview sessions. To find out more about a company you can click on their logo.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure to tailor your cover letter to the company you are applying to – explain why you are interested in the company, and what you can bring to the table! The outcome is up to you, so make sure to come prepared and to make a good impression. Past applicants have gotten job offers and internships following interview sessions! Make sure to carefully read through the tips and things to include in your application, from the companies themselves below.