The eeeDays of 2020 take place between the 19th and 20th of February!

Introducing the eeeDays

The eeeDays is focused on creating the best possible circumstances to meet your future employer. With 36 years of experience we have developed at set of great complimentary activites where you as a student get the opportunity to meet you dream company. Besides hosting the greatest career fair (okay, maybe we’re being just a little subjective here) we also arrange a ton of different activities. Check them out below!


Prepare yourself for the fair in the best way at eeeBoost. You will be able to get professional, personal advice on your CV, take a CV-photo and even get your hair cut. Get to know our main sponsors PwC and go to a lecture with an inspirational speaker.


Pytten – the big banquet in AF-borgen where company representatives, members of LundaEkonomerna and all involved end the eeeDays together. Traditionally the classic swedish dish pytt-i-panna is served – hence the name. After midnight we open the doors for a magnificent after party.


Want to get to know the companies in a more relaxed way? Compete together with them in different games during eeeConnect! During the games drinks are served and the night ends with a mingle with some light food and beverages.


Get inspired by our well chosen speakers during the fair-days! The eeeLectures are held in Craafoord-salen which fits almost 200 people. 


The workshops are the perfect way to interact with the companies in a focused environment.  All students have the chance to apply to one or more of the workshops and then the companies pick the candidates that they want to meet.

Career Interviews

So you have a good CV but how do you make sure to stick out from the bunch? During Career Interviews you’ll have the opportunity to develop interview skills. Some companies have these interviews as a start in their recruitment process so they are beneficial both for you only wanting feedback and for you actually applying for the job.